Simplifying Wi-Fi for Small Business

NETGEAR’s Richard Jonker walks us through the real-world impact of really simple small business Wi-Fi.

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No modern business can operate without Wi-Fi. Whether you run a one-person operation or a booming store that serves an increasingly cashless customer base, Wi-Fi is essential for functions as fundamental as communication and billing. Not to mention the nearly-mandatory demand for public Wi-Fi networks in retail stores.

 “Wi-Fi is definitely a lifeline,” agrees Richard Jonker, NETGEAR’s Vice President, Small Business Product Line Management. “It’s more important than anything else.”

 But installing and maintaining business Wi-Fi isn’t easy. To avoid the headaches and costs, some business owners are tempted to settle for the standard consumer-level setup furnished by their ISP. Jonker explains why this is a mistake:

 “With a home network, you would set up a router with one Wi-Fi network and one Ethernet network. That doesn’t cut it for a business. They need additional security. They want to separate guest traffic, employee traffic, and their own administration network and they want to reach more points as well as serve more users.”

 So how do business owners get that done? “Many of them buy a wireless access point online,” says Jonker. “But that's incredibly difficult to manage. You have to go through pages and pages of settings with all kinds of acronyms and terms you don’t understand.”

Still, many small business owners attempt these solo installations, even if they feel out of their depth. They just can’t afford to engage an expensive enterprise-level service provider or hire outside experts to help decode the jargon.

As Jonker learned from his small business clients, the ideal solution would be a DIY process where you unpack the equipment, name your three networks, and call it a day. So that’s what NETGEAR set out to provide.

Orbi Pro: Business Wi-Fi Right Out of the Box

“DIY - setting up a wired and three wireless networks out of the box in 10 minutes. That’s what this product is,” Jonker says of Orbi Pro. Installing this complete small business Wi-Fi solution is as simple as setting up a home network. It has everything you need right out of the box—even making it easy to segment network traffic for guests, employees, and the network administrator.

 “That’s where the Orbi Pro’s under-the-hood automation comes in,” says Jonker. “It has prepopulated these networks.”

Perhaps as important as easy installation are speed and reliability. Orbi Pro’s proprietary Fastlane3 technology automatically optimizes your networks to accommodate fluctuating traffic, ensuring sufficient wireless speed for your guests and employees. “The tricks are traffic separation and separation of bandwidth, so you get optimal use of your bandwidth,” says Jonker. “That way you’re always able to bring fast Wi-Fi to every corner of your business.”

Fastlane3 also prioritizes the essential business tools on your admin network, like cash registers and printers, to make sure you never disappoint those cashless customers. And for any maintenance concerns, Orbi Pro has an equally elegant troubleshooting tool. A simple smartphone app helps you identify and address potential network problems at a glance, from anywhere.

 Business owners know how essential Wi-Fi is for their business, but they’ve been caught between their limited budgets and limited technical knowledge. Orbi Pro brings them the power and peace of mind they need to put their focus back on the business.

 Get your business up and running with Orbi Pro Wi-Fi today.