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Why registering a .TECH domain name makes a great deal of sense


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If you’ve tried to register a domain name recently, particularly one with the ages old .com extension, then you already know that the pickings are slim. Basically, any name that was worth registering was secured years ago, leaving new website owners to either choose names that don’t make sense or fork out ridiculous amounts of money to buy existing names from third-party registrants. And neither is very appealing.

There is, however, another alternative. And it’s one that makes sense from both a business and economical point of view. We’re talking about a .TECH domain name, which offers plenty of choices for new registrants as well as a fiscally pleasing fee structure that makes it more affordable than other types of domains. 

.TECH is a top-level domain extension that offers advantages that others do not. The first, and most obvious, is the wide range of choices available when it comes to name selection. As the .TECH domain is relatively new, you can more easily find and secure a name that’ll perfectly fit your particular application. Since the name is what leads an audience to find you, a .TECH domain name offers new website owners a significant edge. 

The second advantage is that the .TECH domain extension clearly denotes that a website fits inside a particular industry. In this case, that industry is technology. Whether you want to set up your own software development firm, communications company, or a blog that relates to machine learning, your target audience will be able to find you that much easier. And, since the .TECH extension is so specialized, it’s also SEO friendly, which means you’ll get away with spending less time on your project's presentation.

Lastly, by selecting a .TECH domain name, you’ll be joining a community of tech enthusiasts — including large organizations like CES ( and hundreds of thousands of other tech startups — that’ll lend credence to your project by association. When your audience sees that your site shares the same domain extension as other, highly respected people and companies, it’ll make your project all the more appealing.

When it comes to selecting a domain name, it’s easy to see the advantages of going with the .TECH extension. And, since you can get a discount of 80% off the cost of either a one or five year domain name registration right now when you use the code TECHNOW, it’s as budget friendly as ever.

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