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Brilliant simplifies math, science, and computers so adults can understand them


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Our national understanding of math, science, and computers isn’t anywhere close to where it should be. And that’s a shame because opportunities in healthcare and information technology ― which require competency in these particular areas ― are expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. 

The most likely reason for this shortfall? Too many in the US report having difficulty with these very subjects while they were young. And, after those kids enter adulthood, they ultimately conclude that math and science are beyond comprehension. Which, of course, just isn’t remotely true. Math and science may indeed be challenging, but they’re not insurmountable. The key is to find a different approach to the subject matter, which is why Brilliant exists.

Brilliant is a web-based learning platform that presents math, science, and computer science topics in a whole new light. It delivers in a way that other learning systems do not, so students are better positioned to succeed. Instead of making you memorize boring formulas and assorted minutia, Brilliant instead offers a low-pressure methodology of exercises and games that renders the learning process fun and engaging. And, frankly, it works.

Some of the top media outlets in the country, such as The New York Times, NPR, and Wired, in fact, have examined Brilliant and concluded that there’s a lot to like about their platform. Students not only walk away with a more robust understanding of math, science, and computers; they also develop constructive approaches to challenging situations and a renewed commitment to lifelong learning.

So, who can benefit from using Brilliant? Virtually anyone, but particularly young professionals who are just working their way up the corporate ladder and want to challenge themselves to higher levels of achievement. Even if you’ve failed to fully grasp mathematical and scientific concepts in the past — such as beginner calculus, general relativity, or Python programming — you could surprise yourself just by giving Brilliant a try.

And, as it turns out, right now is an ideal time to do that. That’s because the folks at Brilliant are offering savings of 20 percent off the cost of a subscription package, but only for the next 200 people who sign up. And they give all new subscribers their first month on the house, so you’ll get to run the platform through its paces first without taking on any kind of measurable risk.

Employers, in the not too distant future, will be hiring people that have competency in math, science, and computer science. And people who meet those needs are likely to be paid very well for having that expertise. That makes having a subscription to the Brilliant learning platform as important as ever, especially if you’re like so many others that had difficulty with these subjects in the past. 

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