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Save time and money without sacrificing coverage with Clearcover car insurance


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Money doesn’t grow on trees; we have to work hard for it, which is why people squeeze as much value as they can out of every penny. A lot of times, though, saving money also means accepting reduced quality. And that’s certainly true with auto insurance, where companies eager to gain clients offer low-cost policies that might look inviting at first ― but later are revealed to be woefully inadequate. And usually, after it’s too late to do anything about it.

The good news is that there is a new approach out there that takes advantage of technological innovations to provide top-quality coverage at prices that are way more affordable. Because they function via the web and interact with clients using nothing more than a mobile app, their business operations are far more efficient so they can pass along savings to their customers. And one of the biggest players embracing this method of service delivery is Clearcover.

Clearcover, which is currently operating in thirteen states, has been referred to as the Lemonade of the car insurance industry. Their service is based around an entirely digital platform that’s easy to use and offers clients super fast service, even when making a claim. There’s no over-the-phone runaround, no waiting for an agent, and no hassles. Without an expensive brick and mortar operation, Clearcover can offer customers better prices. Which is something that pretty much everyone can appreciate, especially these days.

Take, for instance, a testimonial from a Clearcover client. By switching from their usual insurance provider, the Brown family managed to save a little more than $500 per year on their coverage. And they didn’t feel as though they sacrificed anything in the process. On the contrary, they reported that their policy from Clearcover was actually easier to understand than what was offered by competitors, so they knew exactly what they were purchasing. Being safety-conscious due to the fact they had small children, this young couple was clearly satisfied with their decision. And the Browns aren’t alone.

Clearcover has received a remarkable average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars through over 400 customer reviews and has been featured by trusted news outlets like Forbes, CNBC, USA Today, and TechCrunch. This suggests that we’ve been long overdue for a revolution in the auto insurance industry, and Clearcover is the welcome addition to the marketplace that we’ve all been looking for. We may not all save $500 like the Browns, but having the opportunity to buy quality insurance coverage for the lowest possible price is something everyone can appreciate.

One of their bigger draws, aside from price, is just how convenient and easy to use their service delivery model is. You simply go to their website, enter your information, and you’ll find out your price in just a few minutes. Compare that process with the ones offered by some other companies that require you to wait in long lines or on long holds for an agent, and the benefit of switching to Clearcover becomes even more evident.

And, in terms of quality, their policies are really good when compared to the competition. Historically speaking, insurance hasn’t exactly been known for being flexible. Typically, you’re locked into a policy until it expires. But, with Clearcover, you’ll enjoy all the flexibility in the world. Customers can, at any time during their term, change their car insurance policy to suit their needs at that particular moment, which is an enormous value in and of itself.

If you drive a car and need auto insurance, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not at least investigating Clearcover. Their ultra-modern service delivery model can save you some serious time, stress, and money. And without sacrificing any of the coverage you need. Sound too good to be true? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by going to their website to check your price.

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