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Resolve your tax liability once and for all with Community Tax


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The reality of tax season stress

Typically, from January 1st until April 15th, people across the country begin to take certain actions, such as collecting paperwork, documenting earnings, and contacting employers, to prepare for the tax season. Some people prefer to complete their taxes as soon as possible, while others wait until the deadline to file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and their state tax authority. No matter when people complete their taxes, though, there's always a significant amount of stress added to their lives because of the anxiety and fear that stem from failing to pay the government on time. That's especially true for individuals who have received a threatening letter from the IRS or their state government notifying them about their tax liability.

Tax liability is the total amount of tax debt, or unpaid taxes, owed by an individual to a taxing authority like the IRS. If one fails to pay the amount of taxes he or she owes the government—from taxes on income to capital gains, retirement account payouts, out-of-state earnings, or anything in between—then the taxing authority has the right to collect the amount that individual owes through various methods. These collection methods, which range from applying incurred penalties and levies to garnishments on a case-by-case basis, often require individuals to pay additional fees to the government, on top of resolving one's tax debt. So, it's understandable that receiving a letter about your tax liability makes an already stressful situation quite unbearable and, naturally, makes you feel like you're alone in fighting the taxing authority.

Yet, that's not the case. People across the country overcome the stress caused by the tax season every year, and many of those people also find the right help to resolve their tax liability with professional lawyers and accounts. And that's where a company like Community Tax enters the picture.

Community Tax helps resolve your tax liability

Tax resolution, the process by which you can resolve your tax liability with a taxing authority, is a field of work that requires years of experience to master, since learning the nuanced governmental and financial regulations around taxes is no easy task. It also entails the development of specialized skills to ensure negotiations with taxing authorities like the IRS go as smoothly as possible. Given the fact that you're just one person, and most likely work in a field other than tax resolution, it makes sense to have professionals perform it on your behalf. That's where Community Tax steps in to lend a helping hand throughout the entire tax resolution process. 

Community Tax is one of the most established tax resolution players in a fragmented industry. The company is on a mission to help individuals with their serious tax situations and has a positive reputation for its transparent business practices and affordable costs. When you rely on Community Tax, you get a team of legal practitioners and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to represent you in your fight with the IRS or state tax authority. That's a must, since you get both confidence and peace of mind when it comes to negotiation with tax authorities. This approach, moreover, means you put yourself in a position to get the optimal resolution for your particular tax liability situation

The tax resolution process with Community Tax

Community Tax helps individuals settle large sums of tax liability with the IRS and state taxing authorities while helping them avoid additional fees and penalties. Meaning, the team of tax law experts and CPAs assigned to you through Community Tax negotiate with the tax authority on your behalf to ensure you receive the best relief package for your particular situation. Here's what the process looks like in three steps.

Step 1: Protection

Community Tax's professionals hear your case and provide you with a free tax analysis showing you the best resolution to your problem.

Step 2: Investigation

Community Tax files a Tax Authorization Information Form 8821 with the IRS or the appropriate form for your respective state taxing authority. This action permits Community Tax to obtain a complete record of your account. Upon completing their investigation, you receive options for resolving your tax liability issue.

Step 3: Resolution

Community Tax gathers more in-depth financial information and supporting documentation to prepare a detailed proposal for submission to the IRS or the appropriate state taxing authority. Many resolutions require significant follow-ups and contact with the IRS or state taxing authority. Community Tax's team of legal and financial professionals sticks with you until your tax liability is resolved, once and for all.

Resolve your tax liability issue for good

Tax liability is an indicator of a challenging tax situation in your life. Rather than let the stress of tax liability continue to weigh you down, it's essential to resolve your serious tax situation as quickly as possible. Anyone looking to get the optimal resolution for their tax liability issue, all at an affordable rate and with a transparent process, can check out Community Tax today.

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