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How to Truly Learn Something New Every Day


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In today's digital world, we're bombarded with more information and ads trying to sell us things than we know what to do with. It's hard to sort out the bad information from the good, the nefarious pages and links from the benevolent. One of the better ways to navigate this brave new world is with a commitment to lifelong learning. 

Knowing how to think and how to learn effectively keeps our brains sharp and ensures we're always on the cutting edge of a world that's constantly innovating. Organizations like Brilliant make it easier than ever to make that commitment.

Brilliant is an online learning platform that uses active learning as an alternative to stressful learning. In most learning environments, you're tested and monitored, leading to stressful, less productive learning strategies. In an active learning environment, you're free to fail and your motivation comes from natural curiosity. Nobody is grading you, you just want to learn new things in a real-world context. 

Through this lens, Brilliant offers anyone from ages 10 to 110 the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects through challenging and fun interactive explorations. Brilliant focuses on science, math, and computer science topics and offers more than 60 learning tracks in some of today's most important topics, from software development to statistics and everything in between.

Brilliant counts award-winning teachers and professionals from MIT, Caltech, Microsoft, Google, and other leading institutions among its instructors. But they don't just teach courses, they incorporate storytelling and offer unique problems to solve so you feel consistently engaged with the subject matter. And, again, you can't fail. That's part of the reason why Brilliant has earned rave reviews from the New York Times, NPR, and Business Insider.

Ready to expand your horizons and commit to lifelong learning? Check out Brilliant today. The first 200 individuals to sign up through this offer get 20% off an annual subscription to Brilliant.

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