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The internet has made it easier to stay connected with your team and co-workers, no matter where you are working from. There's just one problem: it has also flooded our phones and computers with too many options on ways to communicate. This is a problem that has made life hard on businesses and teams because the conversation is constantly jumping across a variety of platforms.

Did you know that the average small business uses 102 different apps, and their reliance on these different services is growing each year? That has created a new problem for many workers, who simply find it hard to keep up. Increasingly, one of the biggest challenges for workers is learning new apps and navigating the multiple tools that they are required to use every single day just to keep up with their tasks. 

Imagine if there was one tool that could bring all of the communications and work-related business into one place? That idea you have in your mind is already available. It's called Clariti, and it's exactly what all conversations need.

With multiple apps, your work and conversations become siloed. Discussions about a project live in your messaging app, while the project itself and all of your team's notes about it exist somewhere else, and your schedule, complete with deadlines and important dates, is separate from all of it. That introduces barriers to your organization's workflow and dampens overall productivity. Clariti knows that you need all of this at your fingertips and in one place, which is why this web app has created a unified system for all of your information.

Here's how Clariti works: Copies of your emails, chat conversations, call transcripts, important dates, to-do lists, documents, and more all exist in TopicFolders. These your repositories for everything you're working on, easy to update as new information needs to be added. Instead of leaving that information in their own apps, Clariti brings it all together under one desktop app, so it is all accessible and easy for you to interact with. Clariti is optimized for non-Apple operating systems, so it's great if your organization relies on Windows or Linux PCs. 

Clariti is a solution for businesses of any size, and you don't have to make a major commitment to find out if it is right for you. Give it a try for free and find out just how good it feels to streamline your entire operation. If you like it, upgrade to a higher tier and keep the productivity flowing.

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