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windows sandbox splash

Windows Sandbox: How to use Microsoft's simple virtual Windows PC to secure your digital life

Microsoft's Windows Sandbox creates a safe space where you can try suspicious software or sites without risking your 'real' PC. Here's how to use it.

10th gen mobile processor rwd

Intel launches 10th-gen 'Ice Lake' chips, pushing hard on graphics for notebook PCs

Intel announces eleven new 10th-gen Core 'Ice Lake' microprocessors for notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs, claiming that its new graphics engine could rival low-end discrete GPUs. (Updated with prices.)

slide 14 chrome logo

Google's Chrome 76 arrives, blocking Flash in its entirety and stealthing incognito mode

Google's Chrome 76 begins shipping to users, taking the next step toward killing Flash and allowing incognito mode to be even stealthier.

SfB slide 0 skype for business

Microsoft signals the end for Skype for Business Online, asking Teams to take over

While consumer Skype users are unaffected, Microsoft is pushing those who used the Skype for Business Online service to Microsoft Teams.

windows 10 pro primary

How Microsoft could make Windows 10 Pro the OS for PC enthusiasts

With virtualization, Microsoft has an opportunity to refashion Windows 10 Pro for PC enthusiasts. Here are other enterprise features that could appeal to pro-level consumers.

Microsoft Photo 3D Magic Select lake image

How to use Paint 3D's Magic Select tool to edit out photobombers from your photos

You don't need Adobe Photoshop to cut out an unwanted person or object from your digital photos, just Microsoft's Windows 10. Here's how to use the Magic Select tool within Paint 3D to do the job.

Microsoft > Office 365 > OneDrive logo

Office 365's new device management tool is made for IT, but consumers would like it too

Microsoft says it can automatically manage your Office 365 subscriptions if you exceed the device limit--a convenience for IT departments that now benefits families, too.

chattier cortana Windows 10 18945

Windows 10's latest preview takes steps toward a more conversational Cortana

Windows 10 build 19845 for the Fast Ring adds a new Cortana beta, along with a colorful text cursor and improved Narrator capabilities.

intel logo

Intel will increase low-end CPU production now that its 10nm Ice Lake transition is complete

Intel's profits and revenue fell during the second quarter, but they were still better than expected. With 10nm production in full swing, Intel is now in a position to attack the low-end processor market once again.

new start screen windows 10 big

New Start screens revealed for Windows and Xbox

Microsoft accidentally revealed a new look for the Windows 10 Start screen, and disclosed a redesign of the Xbox home screen, too.

facebook primary

What Facebook's new government-enforced privacy restrictions mean for you

The Federal Trade Commission slapped Facebook with a $5 billion fine for violating a 2012 order governing data privacy. Here's how the new rules governing Facebook's use of app data, facial recognition, passwords, and phone numbers affect you.

ryzen 9 3900x 7

AMD Ryzen 3900X hits $740 on eBay as AMD struggles to deliver its flagship chip

Major retailers are still sold out of AMD's Ryzen 3900X and 3800X CPUs, two weeks after the chips began to ship. That's caused spot prices to spike to $740 on eBay, almost $250 higher than retail.

Windows 10 Microsoft local account screen

How Microsoft made it harder to create Windows 10 local accounts

If you’re thinking about resetting your Windows PC with a local account, consider upgrading to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update first.

Nvidia moon landing 50th rtx 4

Nvidia models the Apollo 11 moon landing using real-time ray tracing

Nvidia has recreated the Apollo 11 moon landing using its RTX technology, including the lunar lander and Neil Armstrong.

Microsoft > Office 365 > Desktop / mobile (laptop, smartphone)

Buy a year of Microsoft Office 365 Home, and get a $50 gift card from Amazon

If you subscribe to Office 365, you can add a year to your subscription for the same $99 you'd normally pay, plus a $50 Amazon gift card.