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Today's 7 Hotwire coupon codes | Under $99 luxury hotels

Fulfill that travel plan to your dream destination as soon as possible and score good deals with a Hotwire code from PCWorld. There are hotels and last minute flights available ... [More details]

  • Hotwire Cyber Week Offers: Luxury Hotels under $99 at Hotwire

    Indulge this Thanksgiving 2019 by staying at a luxury hotel. Book an aff... More details
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  • Save up to 60% on 4-star hotels at Hotwire

    Why pay more for hotels when you can find bargain prices when you book H... More details
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  • Hotwire Cyber Week Specials: Get up to 40% off on flights

    Buy cheap plane tickets that you can use by purchasing from Hotwire. Get... More details
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  • Hotwire Cyber Week Discounts: 49% off Denver 4-star Hotels

    Visiting Denver this Thanksgiving season? Grab Thanksgiving promotions l... More details
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  • Cyber Monday Weekend Hotwire discount: 45% off 4-star Phoenix hotels

    Take your cameras and smart devices to capture the picturesque Phoenix, ... More details
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  • Download the Hotwire app for Apple or Android for Cyber Week discounts

    Download the Hotwire app today and you can easily create and manage book... More details
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  • Hotwire Cyber Monday Weekend discounts: Featured Tokyo Hotels from $27

    Go shopping for the latest gadgets at Tokyo this Cyber Monday 2019 and s... More details
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Where can I find Hotwire coupons?

You can find Hotwire promo codes right here at PCWorld. We are always searching and adding the best discounts and coupons for you. Also, here you can find the latest Hotwire Black Friday Deals.

Does Hotwire have promo codes?

Yes, Hotwire offers limited-time codes. Visit and book your vacation packages to save up to $422 on hotels and flights. Let Hotwire help you plan your vacation for you when you input your destination and you'll be happy with the savings you'll get. Hotwire also has sales where no promo code is needed.

Where do I input my discount code?

It’s easy to redeem and use the codes on this page. Here’s how:

  1. Go to PCWorld and browse through Hotwire’s coupon page.
  2. Select the promotional code that you would like to use by clicking “Show code”.
  3. Click “Copy” to copy the code. 
  4. Click “See discount at Hotwire” to reach the particular page where you can apply the code.
  5. At, fill in all necessary details to book a hotel, car, flight, or vacation package. When done, click “Select hotel/car/flight/deal”
  6. An array of options will be available on your screen. Select the best choice for you. Make sure this hotel/car/flight/package is eligible for the discount.
  7. Check all the details of your selected hotel/car/flight/package and confirm by clicking “Book Now”
  8. For faster booking, sign in to your Hotwire account. If you have no account yet, register by clicking “Create One”
  9. Your trip summary will be shown to you on your right side. Find the text that says “Promo Code”. Click this and enter the code you got from PCWorld. Confirm by clicking “Apply”.
  10. Check if the discount was applied.
  11. Finish the transaction by clicking “Book Now” on your left.

Are Hotwire flights refundable?

Any Hotwire Hot Rate airfare booking is final and cannot be refunded, cancelled, transferred or changed. There are also regular rate flights that are non-refundable so be sure to review your fare restrictions and ticket change fees. Hotwire flights paid on regular rates may be refundable in certain conditions. For instance, if you booked your flight the day before or within the same day, you may be able to cancel your plane ticket and receive a full refund. If there are unforeseen circumstances that interfered with your flights and you may need to transfer your non-refundable flight, the airline can decide if it will issue a flight credit that can be used for future trips. If you receive this credit, you will need to reschedule your flight within 3 to 12 months before it expires.

Are Hotwire car rentals refundable?

No, all Hotwire car rentals are final and are non-refundable. Any request for cancellation, transfer, refund or exchange will not be processed. Your account will still be charged even if your reservation is not used.

How does Hotwire Hot Rate Work?

Hotwire Hot Rates can provide low prices consistently because the suppliers’ names are kept anonymous during the booking process. The names will only appear once the booking has been confirmed. Being kept anonymous will give the hotel, car or airfare supplier more flexibility so they can offer prices that are lower than the normal prices.

How to save money at Hotwire on Cyber Monday

If you're planning a vacation for next year, don't miss out on the Hotwire Cyber Monday offers that can save you over $400 on select vacation packages. Hotwire is offering a number of Cyber Monday discounts that can add up to an impressive amount of savings including hotel reservations, car rentals, and more. To see all of our travel related coupons, check out the entire list of PCWorld Cyber Monday deals.