Qustodio coupon code for September 2019

Qustodio discount code for the best parental control software

Qustodio is the leading parental control app that is being used by parents, schools, and even businesses worldwide. Qustodio ensures that while online via PC or a mobile device... [More details]

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Start with Qustodio for Free with a Qustodio Coupon Code

The Qustodio app is simple enough to start with for free, and thus an excellent way for parents to decide that this app is something that is going to allow their children to be even safer while online. Using a Qustodio promo code is one way you can save even more while upgrading your account to ensure kids are safe while online.

If you are worried about how your child spends time online and you would like to supervise their activity, look no more, Qustodio is the solution for you. Qustodio is the best parental control app out there for Windows.

 You don’t have to do anything but install the Qustodio App on your child’s device. As a parent, you get access to our web-based dashboard and Parents App where you can supervise your child’s online activity and set the level of protection you wish.

What you can do with Qustodio:

✓ Block Porn or Restrict Websites

✓ Limit Screen Time

✓ Monitor Social Network activity like Facebook

✓ Track and Block calls and SMS Messages

✓ Read the content of SMS Messages

✓ Track your Child’s Location

✓ Block Applications and Games

✓ Receive an SOS Panic alert on your phone in the case of your kid being in an emergency

And also:

✓ Receive automatic daily reports on your child’s activity

✓ Get access to a web-based parent’s dashboard and Parents App where you can set rules and monitor from anywhere

✓ Qustodio works on every kid’s device: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Kindle

Exclusive Savings with Qustodio Discount Code

When using a Qustodio coupon, you will find that this opens up a new way of saving on this app. For example, you can get a bigger discount when you pay for this app up front for a year at a time versus buying it from month to month.

Holiday Sales for Qustodio Discount

The Qustodio app is discounted throughout the year. For example, they have offered a Summer sale in the past as kids are out of school and online more in an effort to attract even more parents to this safety ensuring app.

Specialty Discounts

While Qustodio was designed for parents to protect their kids, many schools and businesses are using this in their establishments as a way to have more control of where people are going online. For businesses who are looking to get more savings, they may find that they get a special price for buying this app on several devices at once.

Save with a Qustodio Coupon

For those who are looking for an app that is free to use and then can be upgraded later at a discount price with a Qustodio coupon, you will find that Qustodio is a great option. It allows for parents to have more control as to what kids are seeing while being easy to use and control!