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zoom video filters 3

How to use Zoom's Video Filters to spice up your next Zoom call

Zoom's new Video Filters and Studio Effects give you fun effects without having to search for third-party images online.

android 11 navigation

Android 11: Getting started with gesture navigation

With Android 11, almost all devices will default to Google's new gesture navigation. Here's how to get started and adjust it to your liking in just a few taps, or give up and go back to buttons.

how to connect a soundbar to a tv without hdmi

How to connect a new soundbar to an old TV that doesn't support HDMI

Just because you have an aging TV that lacks HDMI ports doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade its audio with a soundbar.


adobe photoshop logo resized

Photoshop Tips: Textures, Patterns, and Gradients

Some of the greatest features in Photoshop are the text, object, and image effects such as Textures, Patterns, Gradients, and Styles. We'll show you how they work.

gmail logo

How to clean up your Gmail inbox by quickly deleting old email

Here's a way to clean up your inbox within Gmail, first by deleting unwanted emails using Google's built-in filters, then using search commands to find specific email to delete.

Conceptual image of a password amid hexadecimal code.

How to tell if your password has been stolen

How can you tell if your password has been stolen or compromised as part of a password breach? We'll discuss free and paid services you can use, from websites to your browser or paid password managers.

roomba 675 wipe off cliff sensor

Got a Roomba? Clean these filthy components right now

If your Roomba is having trouble docking or has slowed to a crawl, a good scrub might make things right.


Steam Logo

How to see your PC game's frame rate with Steam's FPS counter

It's quick and easy to turn on Steam's in-game FPS counter. Here's how.

Aorus 17 with GeForce RTX 3080 and Core i7-10870H

How to tell which GeForce 30-series laptop is the most powerful

How can you tell whether a RTX 30-series gaming laptop is using Nvidia's higher-power "Max-P" GPU, or the lower-power "Max-Q" version? It's not easy, but we have some tips for figuring it out.

raspberry pi plex

5 things I learned while setting up my first media server

Sure, you can spend a fortune setting up a media server for your music and videos, but it turns out you don’t have to.


portablessd 9

How to build your own high-performance portable SSD

By building your own portable SSD you can typically get the best performance at cheaper prices.

android phone helps you wind down digital wellbeing hero

6 ways to stop using your Android phone before bedtime

Stop using your phone before bedtime so you can sleep better. Android offers handy tools to help, most in the Digital Wellbeing settings.

bing wallpaper app desktop

Find gorgeous PC background images every day with Bing Wallpaper

The free Bing Wallpaper app lets you refresh your PC's background image every day with a new image curated by Microsoft.

pht21 092

How to Build Your Own High-Performance Portable SSD

Looking for the best portable SSD? By building your own you can typically get the best performance at cheaper prices compared to the big brand names out there. In this video Adam shows you how.

Facebook headquarters

How to see what Facebook knows about you, and download your data

Facebook stores a lot of data on its users, but the social media service makes it easy to see the information it has on you, and even lets you download a copy of its records.

home theater

How to buy the right-sized TV (the only problem is that it might not exist)

Quality over size is our usual mantra, but vendors don't generally offer their best technology in TVs smaller than 55-inch class.