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Intel 12th gen vs AMD Ryzen 5000

Watch: Will Intel's Alder Lake CPUs topple AMD's Ryzen 5000?

Intel's upcoming Alder Lake CPUs might put Chipzilla back in the game with AMD's Ryzen 5000. Watch Gordon Mah Ung share what he expects.

surface pro 3 fail windows 11 compatibility check microsoft

The Windows 11 hardware fiasco keeps getting worse

If Microsoft's intent was to confuse and anger its customers, it's achieving that.

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Full Nerd: Watch Intel's Tom Petersen answer our Arc GPU and XeSS questions Tuesday!

XeSS vs. DLSS 2.0 vs FSR: Intel's Tom Petersen talks Arc and XeSS live on the Full Nerd.

tfn21 188 tfnep188 v1

The Full Nerd ep. 188: Intel's 12th-gen Alder Lake and Arc GPU

Intel's Alder Lake CPU and Arc GPU revealed!

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8 ways to keep California from banning your desktop PC

Power regulators are targeting electricity-gobbling desktop PCs. We have 7 tips to help keep DIY PCs off regulators' radars.

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What is Valve Proton? The Steam Deck's live-or-die Linux software, explained

The Steam Deck's success will hinge on Proton, a Valve technology that lets Windows games run on Linux. Here's what you need to know.

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Why California isn’t banning gaming PCs (yet)

Take a deep breath: Desktop gaming PC did not get banned by California. We explain what's really happening.

windows 11 on pcs

Mandatory Microsoft accounts for Windows 11 Home might be a good thing

Windows 11 Home will require a Microsoft account to install, a move that rankles users who prefer to use a local account. But maybe it's actually a good idea.

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The Full Nerd: ep. 181: AMD Advantage Laptops and E3!

Ryzen plus Radeon equals one yummy Asus laptop; and everything you need to know about this year's E3 game show.

syng cell alpha lifestyle4

Syng Cell Alpha immersive speaker first impressions: This thing fills a room like no other speaker I've heard

It sounds great, and you can control the sweet spot's size and location. How cool is that?


amd ryzen 1800x build resized

No, you can't run Ryzen 5000 on your old AMD motherboard, but maybe that's a good thing

Sorry, you cannot run Ryzen 5000 in old AMD motherboards. That's been the official line for a while, but AMD caught some users trying it anyway, with a beta BIOS from ASRock. AMD has squelched this practice and says it's time to buy a new motherboard.

apple new imac spring21 hero 04202021

How does Apple's new M1 iMac compare to Windows All-in-One PCs?

We compare the specs of Apple’s new M1-based iMac to the fanciest Windows All-in-One PCs from major vendors.

echo nest homepod mini

Apple sold more smart speakers in Q1 than Google did, but its lead might be short lived

Market-research firm Omdia says smart displays accounted for 38 percent of worldwide smart speaker sales in the first quarter of 2021, and Apple doesn’t have one.


Microsoft surface laptop family

Surface Laptop 4: Should you buy the AMD or Intel version?

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 is available with either an Intel 11th-gen Tiger Lake Core or an AMD Ryzen Surface Edition chip inside. Which should you buy? Microsoft has some fairly specific advice.

ssd computer chip solid state device

Why you may not be getting the SSD you paid for

SSD vendors may upgrade firmware and components over a product's lifespan. Most changes are positive, however, some may negatively affect performance.